Why get Married in Italy

Known the world over for its enchanting landscapes, art and architecture, Italy has always flaunted extraordinary locations that can host a wedding, or event, whose memory is destined to last.

The historical soul of these places is steeped in memories. It doesn’t provide an ordinary backdrop, but a real mise-en-scène that elegantly hosts your event.

Write your story and showcase your passions, and become immersed in these enchanting venues. Allow their authentic charm to guide you to your inspirational event.

Venice, Verona, Roma and Florence

Venice, Verona, Rome and Florence are the most iconic cities of art that can host an elegant and lavish wedding. You can get married in an ancient medieval castle or in a Renaissance villa, or even in a 19th century mansion with lush Italian-style gardens. As you stroll through the ancient villages, you will be captured by the romantic and aristocratic atmosphere that the heart of historic towns exudes; an experience that will not be forgotten easily for you and your guests.

italian lakes

The Italian lakes are among the most sought-after wedding destinations, thanks to their beautiful landscapes and elegant villas, which host events in grand style. Lake Como is undoubtedly the most famous, thanks to its precious lakefront villas. Lake Garda is the largest and offers numerous locations, such as medieval castles and Art Nouveau villas. But the most prominent location is the beautiful Isola del Garda, which boasts a magnificent neo-Gothic Venetian style villa surrounded by lush gardens.

Lake Maggiore, as well as Lake Bracciano, also offer fascinating villas and landscapes for a romantic wedding surrounded by nature.

Italian Alps

The Italian Alps , and in particular the Dolomites, are the most important mountains in the world, due to their particular geological composition, which gives them a reddish colour at sunrise and sunset; what better setting for your wedding? In summer you can get married outdoors in one of Italy’s most important peaks, while in winter a warm and cosy chalet with a view of the mountains will provide moments of pure joy and much fun.

Italian Coasts

The Italian coasts are places of exuberant vitality. Thanks to the colourful landscapes and the festive local lifestyle, you will feel seduced by the authenticity of these enchanted places. Portofino’s famous piazza is overlooked by colourful old houses, local businesses and brilliant attractions that enliven local life. Rich in tradition, it is an elegant place for a sophisticated wedding. While Amalfi, an ancient seaside village characterised by its natural setting and steep cliffs, is the perfect place for a bright and fun wedding. Just as Apulia, with its iridescent blues of its crystal clear sea, is an incredible backdrop for a beach wedding.

Italian Hills

thanks to their climate, landscapes and local vegetation, the Italian hills are places that put you in harmony with nature and give a touch of great intimacy to your wedding. An authentic oasis of peace, where you can say “I do” surrounded by the silent, but powerful, beauty of the vineyards of Tuscany, or in the aristocratic villas of Valpolicella.

These are some of the best-known wedding destinations in the world, though, in reality Italy offers many other lesser-known, but equally fascinating, locations to experience and discover; places that can’t but become imprinted in your memory and make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera is a professional agency that organises private and corporate events for an Italian and international clientele.

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