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It is so exciting to be a part of your special day and to breathe life into your dream event, through our experience and creativity. During the planning process you will be guided through all aspects and services involved in the event, so as to make it an exciting and enjoyable experience; a true immersion in the authentic Italian lifestyle that will impress you and all your guests. 

First consultation

the first step is to get to know each other to understand who you are and how you visualise your event, particularly what your expectations and priorities are. This will allow us to outline the style of your event and build a concept that represents your soul, who you are and what your vision is. 

Budget guidance

Organising a budget plan for your event is a necessary step that will allow you to approach planning calmly and avoid unexpected surprises. It is understandable that your first need is to stick to a certain budget, while maintaining the quality of services required for your event. But a high standard of quality requires a considerable investment. Haera will help you draw up a realistic business plan for your special day, while keeping a close eye on your financial parameters.

Location choice

The perfect location for your event is the place that best expresses your vision and gives deep meaning to your experience. As such, Haera will provide you with a selection of the best locations, with extraordinary scenery; timeless venues that most closely match your style and can make your day a truly memorable experience. 

Selection of professionals

In order to realise your event, as you can imagine, it is necessary to select experienced professionals who are very close to your vision. True pioneers of creativity are capable of creating a surprising and emotionally rich event. You will be guided to a careful selection of photographers, entertainers and suppliers who will be coordinated and managed for the entire duration of the event, in order to guarantee a result that’s in line with your expectations. 

Scenography and design

The setting of your event is like much like the stage in a theatre. It’s the place where your story, emotions and impactful moments, that are usually destined to remain in your memory, come to life. Every detail regarding the choice of materials, colours, furniture and lighting, will be taken care of, and designed to represent you and your unique style.

Enjoy the event

on the day of your event a multilingual team will guide you and your guests through the event, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable day, while a dedicated staff member shall also be entrusted to manage and coordinate each supplier and the services chosen. It will be an experience that will give you the chance to get to know and love Italy, with its history, architecture and local traditions, that characterise this country and make it an exclusive destination for first-class weddings and events. 

It would be wonderful to be a part of your special day and share meaningful moments with you. We look forward to meeting you, listening to your story and creating an event that brings so much emotion to the eyes of those who experience it.

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera is a professional agency that organises private and corporate events for an Italian and international clientele.

Interpreting and understanding the thoughts and desires of customers is the starting point, in order to develop a concept and give a personal character to your event, so that you can not only recognise yourself in the event, but you can also infuse it with an all-Italian flavour.


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