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Haera is an event organiser, specialising in weddings and corporate events
for an international clientele, with a high level of creativity
and the ability to seal emotions
and key moments in time.

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A wedding is certainly one of life’s milestones that takes a couple’s relationship to a higher level of commitment and sharing. It’s an experience that brings family and friends together, to recount their authentic story and highlight the path that these two people have taken, in order to come together to stand side-by-side on their special day.

Your wedding in Italy will take inspiration from your story and will be the expression of your vision, which will give life to an event full of meaning. It will be a collection of unique images that will have a lasting impact on everyone present.

Business & Corporate

An event indeed offers a prime opportunity for a company to showcase its philosophy and future vision for its business. It’s an experience that can lead to fostering new job opportunities and expanding the company’s visibility in commercial terms.

For the successful execution of a corporate event, it’s crucial to focus on future objectives and thus outline a creative concept that fully embodies the essence of the company, defining its character and a unique, unmistakable style.

For your event in Italy, we will recommend the most beautiful locations and the most innovative services, collaboratively developing a creative concept that best interprets your thoughts and future perspective.

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera is a professional agency that organises private and corporate events for an Italian and international clientele.

Interpreting and understanding the thoughts and desires of customers is the starting point, in order to develop a concept and give a personal character to your event, so that you can not only recognise yourself in the event, but you can also infuse it with an all-Italian flavour.


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