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The location for your big day must reflect an important moment in your relationship, which is the starting point. You need nothing more than the setting that reflects the roots of your union. Thus, exploring the options, and visiting potential venues that can host your special day, are the first of many steps to take when planning your wedding in Italy. 

It is normal for you to want to surprise your guests with excellent scenery, but it is you, with your own story to tell, who will surprise them in the setting that best represents you. 

Italy has many stunning backdrops to offer, and you will certainly find what makes you feel most at home among them. It is here that the location becomes a welcoming place, somewhere that makes you and your guests feel in the right place and surrounded by the perfect company. These are quintessential ingredients that make for an impactful party, that will be sewn into your memories forever.

When to get married

The majority of couples choose to get married in spring, for it brings romantic images and softly coloured landscapes, and it feels like a new beginning; a time of exceptional vitality. Though, others decide to get married in autumn, for its vibrant colours, ranging from yellow and brown, to red and orange.

Winter and summer are your antipodal watershed seasons, as they showcase the two extremes between the cold temperatures, which lend themselves well to mountain weddings, and the warm temperatures, which evoke the sea.

It is of utmost importance that we identify the right season for your wedding, as it will dictate which type of location best suits you and your vision. A rose garden radiates beauty in spring, while the vineyards offer images of incomparable beauty in autumn. Similarly, a beach with crystal-clear water offers changing colours in summer, just as snow-capped mountains glow in the winter.

The colour palette is endless, as are your options in all four seasons in Italy. You only need to choose which magical time and place fit best with your style.

Planning and organisation

The wedding day always holds big emotions for everyone. The preparations, the ceremony, the speeches, the reception and the details that contribute to making your day special, are all important elements that you cannot give up.

Your wedding day requires attention to detail, coordination and constant observation of timing. Sometimes the day is so full of moments that it is impossible to do every single thing that has been planned.

That is why it is useful to have a programme, a timeline that marks the sequence of all the important moments of your big day. Because the wedding experience must be unique for everyone present, and offer everything you would like and more.

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera - wedding & events specialist

Haera is a professional agency that organises private and corporate events for an Italian and international clientele.

Interpreting and understanding the thoughts and desires of customers is the starting point, in order to develop a concept and give a personal character to your event, so that you can not only recognise yourself in the event, but you can also infuse it with an all-Italian flavour.


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