Wedding in the Venice Lagoon

Far away from the exuberant vitality of the city of Venice, the lagoon is a decidedly more secluded wedding destination. 

A true retreat immersed in nature, the lagoon will change your perspective, as getting married in this setting is like going back to your origins, where life slows down and you “start afresh”, even if for only a day.

Let yourself be surprised by this “new wave” of unexplored places, each of which tells its own story. You and your guests will be captivated by these settings that are far from the current dominant trends. You will breathe in the unmistakable flavour of the Venetian islands, with all their local traditions and customs.

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discover places that can’t but become imprinted in your memory forever

The island of san clemente

The island of San Clemente is located in the southern part of the lagoon. The first records of the island date back to 1131 when a wealthy merchant built a church and hospital there, which later became a convent.

Today, San Clemente Island is home to a luxury hotel complex surrounded by a large and lavish garden, where an elegant and intimate wedding reception can be held.

But the most outstanding feature is the ancient church of San Clemente, where you can hold your ceremony in an atmosphere of secluded grandeur. After the ceremony, on the way out of the church, you can admire the marvellous view towards the city of Venice; a striking sight that will impress all of your guests.

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Murano, the historic glass funaces


The island of Murano lies to the north-east of the city of Venice. This island is known all over the world for the handicraft production of the precious ‘Murano glass’, which dates back to the end of the 13th century.


Venice wanted to jealously safeguard its glass art, so it concentrated the production of this precious glass exclusively on the island of Murano. 


Today, some of the ancient furnaces, as well as organising guided tours, also host events and weddings; this is truly an opportunity to experience an event in a place that gave great prestige to the Republic of Venice in the past. 

Making it an iconic place that leaves a distinctive mark.

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Islands of Mazzorbo and burano


Mazzorbo is a small island on which ‘Dorona’ still grows. It’s is an ancient native Venetian vine variety that was once highly prized by the Doges in the 15th century.

Having a wedding immersed in the ancient Venetian vineyards is truly a fascinating experience for you and your guests; it is an opportunity to learn about the history of local products and the setting that is still linked to traditional values.

From the island of Mazzorbo, you can then take a pleasant walk to get to a small bridge, which leads you to the island of Burano, where a wonderful colourful landscape will open up before your eyes. 

The historic centre of Burano is the perfect place to take romantic photos among the small, brightly coloured houses; a memorable moment that will remain in your mind, not only for its landscape but also for the setting; being so far removed from the current ‘mainstream’.

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Torcello is probably the quietest inhabited island in the lagoon. It already existed at the time of the Roman Empire and contains a great archaeological heritage.

Here you can find the Church of Santa Fosca, which is an extraordinary example of the Venetian-Byzantine style. With its Greek cross layout and a wonderful circular dome, this ancient church can host a Catholic ceremony.

Afterwards, your wedding reception can be held in one of the typical restaurants around the island, giving you a great opportunity to taste typical local dishes in a truly exceptional atmosphere.

Island of Santa Cristina

If you are dreaming of a wedding immersed in the silence of the lagoon, something truly exclusive, Santa Cristina Island is the location to host your special day.

This island was part of the Ammiana archipelago until the 12th century, and once housed a monastery. Today, the island hosts activities related to organic farming, returning the island to its original function.

The island of Santa Cristina offers a small villa, surrounded by immaculate natural scenery, making it a timeless setting in which to organise your intimate wedding in the Venetian lagoon. Surrounding the villa there are also local crops and plenty of nature, a truly impressive setting that takes you back to the true origins of this place.

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